White Van man!!!

25th Oct 18 - Went out in the cold and sketched in Hereford. I was dressed for the weather:- thick skirt, woolley tights, boots, two tops and my favourite alpaca jumper!, further woolley coat, fingerless gloves and topped with a hat (talk about layers!)......

I decided to walk down Church Street, Hereford - a predrestian free area, which ends at the Cathedral. The street contains quality shops selling unique gifts and refreshments.

I stood outside Doughty's - a specialist shop selling wool/fabrics. What's so lovely with Hereford, a lady from the shop popped her head out and asked if I wanted a drink! xxx

Where does the White Van come in to this.... read on :) !!!!

I worked in my sketch book, so I can draw unnoticed (I hope!)...... the pencil I use is a Progresso pencil 6B, as it can create light and dark strokes easily, and it glides across the surface like an ice skater! A putty rubber and scalpel is put to the side incase I need to erase/sharpen my pencil.

You have to work quick, as a person walking past is a fleeting glance, to which you have seconds to mark down in 'your own handwriting'. Guestual stances ensure the character is caught within seconds. It's amazing how you can 're-live' the moment in time when you open an old sketch book - it transforms you back to that space, more than a photo would ever do. The sketch is like a trigger, recalling the sounds/smells/weather of the day!

When working on site, and you have decided to capture the movement instead of the static element of your drawing, you add the buildings around the people, ensuring the perspective lines and sizing is correct (that helps if there are a steady stream of people, as you need to observe the height of buildings in relation to a persons height).

Now to the van! yep, I can always guarantee a delivery van blocking my view........ this time (bearing in mind it is a predestrian free area), it sneaked past me, backing down the lane (on this narrow passageway), and parked directly in front of me :(

Luckily I had managed to draw the basic's and get the elements of the composition down.

The way forward?

I've caught the essence of the day............ I'll look at either painting directly over the top in acrylic or redraw the sketch onto a toned surface and paint over to enhance the areas which caught my eye....... watch this space for a new blog!!